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Times Eastern Standard. Kentucky, Mel Allen and Connie Desmond. Rice, Bill Stern. Missouri, A Heifer and Bob Wolff. Many of the fightgoers who had hoped to see Luciano flatten Step-anovich last Friday were around to cheer him at the finish for his courageous showing.

The two threw leather at a terrific pace for the full eight rounds and the Texas redhead made a bigger hit than he ever did in winning. Andrews, edged by Luciano at New York's St. Just like that our vast Industry of sport fishing opened here last week. A week before, reports from anglers were scarce. This past week indicated that it was the lull before the storm on the waters off-shore. Just too many to handle at one time. Take the amberjack boated by Nan Kimble of Atlanta. It weighed in at 60 pounds.

The catch was made aboard K. How ell's Lillian II. And Earl Kimble took in an 18 pound wahoo. And were the sails running. If it keeps up, the upcoming Silver Sailfish Derby this month will set new records. Just about everyone that went after sails, came in satisfied.

Too many to report. There was a good catch, again with Capt. Howell no commercial intent here boys, just a good storywhen W. Mizell of this city boated an 8' sail. Mizell said the next time she goes out she will take a shot-gun along. She said a sail was making passes at her bait when a sea-gull swooped down and picked up the bait, out-of-the-mouth of the biller, so to speak, and took off, dropping it after finding there were strings attached.

Thayer, Jr. IThayer, Jr. Thayer, Sr. Dusty Campbell and his charter Four Queens aided the cause. The tourney will close April Top sail entry In the contest to date has been posted by Chester O. Herle, Rochester, NY; a 6' 7" specimen. And a good catch report out of Stuart: Fred Heiile, this city, reported hooking onto seven sails and two sharks while fishing aboard Bill Fraader's Mar-Bill.

Fred released six of the billers to receive the Stuart club's pin of recognition of a sporting act. Tnose receiving handsome tokens of recognition The New Haven fighter's manager, Bobby Mele, told Ladies looking casual sex Brockton Massachusetts 2401 in a long distance telephone conversation that Andrews will come in at around pounds for Stepanovich.

Danny weighed for Luciano. Salas, a newcomer, appeared in seven main events at Hollywood, Cal. He lost a close decision to Bernard Docusen and has met most of the other topflight welters around. Hatcher, a lightweight when he was campaigning here before is making a comeback and belted out Jack Larrimore in his first test.

He has looked good in gym sessions and should be capable of giving balas a busy evening. Afraid you hunters had- little to say this week. Would like to hear from some of you now and again just to pass along the good word on good spots. No doubt. Have a hunch that the following named all have s to tramp the trails in this county and by flushing them they will come through with a few timely reports: Little Earl D.

Adams, Delray Beach; John L. AUe, Eighth St. Hello officer : Jesse J. Nobles, Alamanda Road, and many others that are keeping things to themselves. Ten members of Oklahoma's starting eleven during were natives of Oklahoma. Had a long and interesting session with Tony Accetta this past week. Tony, to be sure, is selling fishing equipment for a living. But you can almost always forget that angle in talks with Tony, one of the greatest exponents of sport fishing the game has.

Before this goes much further, an item to get Tony off the josher's hook, and also to introduce the theme of Tony's conversation. Last week, Gunpowder reported Tony captured a few fish around his Riviera Beach neck of the woods, using Cut mullet. Well, of course, nothing could be further off base, since Tony sincerely believes in fishing without bait of this type. Sincerely enough to manufacture and attempt to show all anglers the true sport of lure fishing.

Tony, in his session with this column-maker, was talking primarily for the new angler: "Most new fish seekers," he explained, "tramp into a sports shop and buy the first reel that spins the fastest; the strongest test line on hand, and the stoutest club to use as a rod.

This to catch the small one. Then he gets fleas, eel-skins, etc. And you know, he catches an awful lot of fish. In all games Involving college teams, the NCAA has suggested that 90 percent of the receipts be divided equally between the competing clubs and that the sponsor- ing organizations retain the remaining 10 percent. Gusts of wind up to 47 miles per hour hindered all matches as Miss Elwicki rallied to defeat Toby Greenberg of Chicago, She won the National Jun. Rushing the net to out-volly slow ball hitter Francisco Con-treras of Mexico City, Garrido won the year old boys' title, in a closer match than the score indicated.

In four year old girls' matches Miss Herr did not yield a single set and lost only 11 games. Bogley, National Boys' Champion, had less trouble than expected defeating Tim Coss of Washington, DC, to enter the finals of the junior boys divi-i sion where he will meet Richard-; son in a re-play of their National! Richardson disposed' of Ted Jax, Hamtr,amck, Mich. The Eastern club had all the big name players, but the losing West produced the outstanding star, nevertheless. In addition to engineering his team's lone touchdown early in the second period, Le Baron gained B5 of the total net yards the West was able to pile up against ine lavorea East.

Except for Le Baron's remarkable pertormances he was. Le Baron, 19, weighing but pounds, was a Little All-America choice for quarterback for three straight years. After the West had gone into a lead, the East came back to ramble 66 yards and ko to the front. Gordon Soltau, place-kick ing end from Minnesota, booted the oval between the uprights to make the score Warren Wood, burly guard from the College of Puget Sound, hadn't been able to place the extra tally after the Western touchdown.

Soltau place-kicked for the East. Late in the opening period, Lindy Berry, of Texas Christian, who alternated at tailback with Le Baron in the double-wing setup, set the stage for a score. He intercepted a pass thrown by Galif-fa and raced back 38 yards to the East's Le Baron took over. The West lost nine. Le Baron shot a pass to his Pacific teammate, John Rohde, end, good for Then the little scooter went five yards through the big Ladies looking casual sex Brockton Massachusetts 2401 line.

He whipped an eight-yard pass to Ken Rose, of Stanford, the other offensive end. Twice more Le Baron ran with the ball for five and four yards. Then with the ball six yards out, Le Baron pulled one of his famous magician tricks.

Ladies looking casual sex Brockton Massachusetts 2401

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